Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the BFM Blog!  You might wonder why we are hosting a blog, and what we might possibly have to say.  These are good questions; we hope that you will appreciate the answer…

We love what we do!

Whether tinkering with our own houses, or working with our clients, we can’t seem to get houses and housing out of our heads.  Each project, regardless of how large or small, represents another opportunity to explore, design, and create a one-of-a-kind solution for our client’s particular needs.  Nearly all of our projects are prototypes; that is to say they will only be built once, for a specific user, on a specific site with unique constraints.  We love this aspect of our work because it forces us to think critically about each and every component of the project as well as how it will be constructed.  We pride ourselves on our understanding of construction materials and methods, and we believe this knowledge shows up in our work.  We see this blog as our opportunity to share this information with others.

While some of the content will likely focus on home and renovation issues specific to Montgomery County, Maryland and the Washington DC Metro area (where most of our work is located), we hope that much of the information will be helpful to a larger audience.  We expect to write about general home improvement issues, design strategies and ideas, explore new materials and methods, green design approaches and more.

We hope you’ll visit, share what interests you with others, or drop us a line with any questions or comments.  Most of all, we hope this information helps you realize all of your goals for your home.

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