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Green Design

Green your Lender?

Kenneth Harney pointed out in a March column in the Washington Post, an important fact about green building: green building construction and improvements do not result in changed appraisals or mortgage underwriting in the United States. This seems strange, given the emphasis of sustainability modifications widely marketed,  available and adopted by American homeowners. There is…

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Building a Green House – First Things First

This is the first of a series on sustainability as related to green residential construction. Building a house is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While it entails risk, expense and hard work, the likelihood of success is good and will always be increased by the inclusion of an architect. Remember that many before you…

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Easy Tips for a Greener Home

There is no shortage of advice for making existing houses more energy efficient. Much of the advice comes from folks who sell services and equipment, so skepticism is appropriate – some investments make way more sense than others. While it is tempting to consider major changes like windows, new heating and cooling systems and any…

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