Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Curb appeal is about more than just vanity. Aside from increasing the value of your home, a house with a strong exterior character will create a sense of place, enhance your pride in your home, and elevate the character of your entire neighborhood. Quality curb appeal transcends personal taste.  Elements that make a house more…

Building a Green House – First Things First

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This is the first of a series on sustainability as related to green residential construction. Building a house is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While it entails risk, expense and hard work, the likelihood of success is good and will always be increased by the inclusion of an architect. Remember that many before you…

Easy Tips for a Greener Home

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There is no shortage of advice for making existing houses more energy efficient. Much of the advice comes from folks who sell services and equipment, so skepticism is appropriate – some investments make way more sense than others. While it is tempting to consider major changes like windows, new heating and cooling systems and any…

Why Use an Architect?

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So you’re considering building a new home or renovating an existing one. Where do you turn for help with this daunting endeavor? For a new home, mass marketed house plans are one option, but by their very nature they seek to homogenize housing into a one-size-fits-all package. Design/Build outfits are another alternative, and can be…

Selecting an Architect

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Starting a home renovation project can be daunting.  For most people the first step is to select an architect, which can be an equally intimidating process.  Consider asking the following questions when interviewing an architect: A.   Design Vision 1.    What are your initial thoughts about our design goals?  What is your design philosophy with respect…

Welcome to our blog!

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Welcome to the BFM Blog!  You might wonder why we are hosting a blog, and what we might possibly have to say.  These are good questions; we hope that you will appreciate the answer… We love what we do! Whether tinkering with our own houses, or working with our clients, we can’t seem to get…

Bennett Frank McCarthy prides itself on its commitment to its clients. We believe that architecture and community design work best when the surrounding context is taken into account. A good addition reinforces the building of which it is a part and the community to which it belongs. Details should respect the materials and assemblies of the original construction so the completed composition integrates old and new seamlessly.

We believe that the interests of the client deserve respect and accommodation. Our design process is organized to provide services suited to each client and their project needs.

We work in an open studio to encourage the free exchange of ideas among all members of our firm. We find the design and construction process to be continually educational, interesting and immensely enjoyable; we look forward to each new project.